At least I’m making friends.

Both the gyms I go to with bumper plates were closed today so I found myself, yet again, in a globo gym. When I walked into the 24 Hour Fitness that was nearby, I was told by the girl at the desk

“You have a Sport Club Membership. This is a Super Sport Gym.”

“OoohKAY,” I said, and was about to walk about, but she went on to say

“You can work out here today, but keep in mind that you’ll need to upgrade your membership to include our class of clubs if you want to come back to a club of this category.”

Everyone front squat with 135lbs after I was done front squatting, as if to say, “I can do them too,” and I couldn’t have been less impressed. One guy did it in the squat machine where the bar moves back and forth while supported by mobile Smith Machine-like supports. This also happened when I finished power cleaning on hex plates, when I moved on to front squats the guy next to me started doing sets of 10 from the hang with 95lbs.

After I was done benching, I looked for a place to do RDLs. Both squat racks were taken. I asked one of the dudes if he was using what looked like a spare bar in his rack, and he said he was going back and forth between them. I said oohKAY and decided to use one of the unoccupied bench racks to deadlift in front of. He came back a moment later and offered, “If you like you’re more than welcome to work in with me on deadlifts.”

Not really comfortable with that level of interaction with another person, I said, “Nah I think I’m good, it doesn’t look like I’m going to go as heavy as you are.”

“Oh, I’m actually about to work back down.”

“Alright, thanks,” I said, and I proceeded to exceed the weight he used to deadlift with and completed 3 sets of RDLs with the bar I had already loaded and didn’t make eye contact with him again.

Today’s MopeWOD: accept an offer of interaction, but ultimately don’t participate in the interaction.

* * *

silentmachinery writes:

I feel that people have been squatting 500+ pounds for decades without ridiculously gay mobs and $40 pieces of plastic.

You’re right, we should also have stopped developing better cars after the 1930s since people got around just fine in those cya.

Penn writes:

Aside from mobbing, do you have any prehab moves you really like? I had some pretty janky elbow pain that I figured out was a result of all the torque my elbow was enduring from bench, chins, and my high elbow high bar set up. I never found a mob that helped much but it seems like reverse curls did the trick.

I don’t have a lot of faith in most “prehab” movements since I did a lot of shoulder bullshit (YTWL rows and various rotator cuff exercises) when mine were inflamed and I lacked essential ROM and they didn’t make any real change. I do notice that when I don’t do some kind of scapular retraction, I have to spend more time maintaining my shoulder mobility, so I try to devote at least two sessions a week to barbell rows. I should probably do more scapular depression stuff too i.e. pull ups initiated with scapular depression.

melody writes:

My friend just posted this joke on his blog, you should’ve written it.


Broseph writes:

I thought you were a proponent of squatting with toes forward; in the video, your BW squat stance looks to be slightly pointed out.
What gives?

in a fight between Mehdi and yourself, who do you think would win?

Kelly doesn’t necessarily recommend toes completely forward, he discusses an ideal range of 0-10 degrees that helps maintain the foot structure from collapsing which subsequently helps avoid valgus knees which can occur more readily if the toes are too wide. Justin has discussed the possibility that how far forward your toes point may be limited by your current mobility, so if your ankles, knees, and hips aren’t ideal, toes completely forward may not be as beneficial as working within your capacity. Are you the same Broseph who posts on the main site?

BRB dickhead posters criticize mobbing on a site called “MopeilityWOD” but won’t say anything when Justin discusses it bet you guys feel real fuckin big picking on a suicidal sex worker don’t you.

beonick writes:

Love in Supple Places – Part 1

“Ok guys, I think that’s it. Thanks for coming”. We each say our good-byes, exchange phone numbers, email addresses etc. I close the door and take a sigh of relief. What a long day. But a successful one. I cant believe I pulled it off.

The first Mopeilitywod seminar went off without a hitch. Well, I dunno if you could really call it a seminar. I had put a notice on the site that I’d be hosting a barbeque at Mopeility S&C and we could all lift and mob together. And 11 people came! It may not have been a big group, but even a guy from 2 hours away showed up. It was nice to meet everyone. The food was good and so were the stories we shared.

“Now…..” I say to myself, looking around at the mess from the days festivities. “I guess I better get started cleaning up”.

“Need some help?”

I considered just c+ping this as the post for today.

justin lazermann writes:

Bryillient, what are you benching these days? and how many lubs would you be willing to lose on your squat if you could add the same amount of lubs to your bench?

I’ve done 250lbs x 4 in the past two weeks. I wouldn’t sacrifice anything off the squat for the bench, because it wouldn’t make a fucking difference.

IronTherapy writes:

Hip capsular issues. How the fkcu do you release that damn soft tissue? WTF do you do with hip internal rotation range of motion deficits when that shit just won’t release, or ART provides only temporary relief?

I, too, can’t really hit anterior hip capsule very well. Closest I’ve gotten is sartorius/TFL/rectus femoris with a PVC pipe. Something to consider is to work on whatever you can above and below the point of interest. I don’t seem to derive much benefit from hitting psoas or iliopsoas, but I do feel and see change when I work on my glutes and the aforementioned TFL/rectus femoris/sartorious area. I’ve also noticed benefit in rolling my low back on a PVC pipe, which I actually haven’t done in like four years. Recently I’ve added a simple hip internal rotation stretch for my left hip (which has been a problem area in the past) on top of the usual couch stretch, and it’s been pretty productive for both knee and hip flexion while squatting – which was surprising – and my split jerk (which is the reason I started doing it).

Tom writes:

Bear, how much do you deadlift right now? I think I may have surpassed you in a lift finally.

I’ve deadlifted once since August of this year (did RDLs and SLDLs instead) and pulled 405lbs x 3 with a hook grip.

I’d be surprised if you haven’t surpassed me in a lot of lifts. I’ve only recently come back to near-PR levels in my squat and press, lifting 410lbs x 3 and 170lbs x 3 respectively. My bench has gone downhill pretty far, early this year I tripled 275lbs and maybe even 280lbs and for sure doubled 285lbs, I could probably do 270 or 275 for 1 at best now. The only thing I’ve legitimately PRed recently are my snatch (the week before the AO, did 247lbs for a +2lbs PR) and the barbell row (250lbs x 5, though this is debatable since the distance the bar travels is hard to quantify if you use any degree of hip extension in the movement at all).

23 thoughts on “At least I’m making friends.

  1. justin lazerman December 31, 2012 / 3:48 am

    Brelly Kistarrett, DPT,

    ‘BRB dickhead posters criticize mobbing on a site called “MopeilityWOD” but won’t say anything when Justin discusses it bet you guys feel real fuckin big picking on a suicidal sex worker don’t you.’ – we’re all afraid of Justin’s delts.

    i have pretty huge hip IR deficits to the point where i feel impingement in my hip joint when i try to externally rotate fully in a squat. which hip internal rotation stretches do you recommend?

  2. marotta92 December 31, 2012 / 9:10 am

    Those Smith Machines you described, I really like when people refer to those as 3 Dimensional Smith Machines because it shows they have absolutely zero understanding of the basic principles of physics.

    What are you doing tonight for NYE, Brass? Maybe we should not even bother with 2013 at all and just end it all tonight.

  3. EternalVoid December 31, 2012 / 9:58 am

    Had a similar interaction last night. At my current gym they have just three barbells, one almost unused but 32 mm thick bar with unnoticeable knurling, one bent and severely beaten up weightlifting bar (probably had knurling 15 years ago, now smooth as chromium) and one decent Eleiko PL training bar. Needless to say I always pick the Eleiko bar for my lifting sessions. The problem is that some people seems to be convinced that this bar is intended for bench press only. Look, I also prefer it for this but it is a barbell, not a fucking bench bar. So, this guy walks up to me when I finish off my deadlift day by doing some light back off RDL:s at sets of 10. At first he just asked me how many sets I had left.

    I told him two sets and that I would be done in a minute. He then pointed out that I should perform deadlifts with the “squat bar” in the other room (with worn out wood flooring caused by deadlifts and dropped weights) instead of using the “bench bar” on rubber covered concrete flooring, implying that my 70 kg/155 lbs RDL:s with bumper plates would harm a quality barbell factory tested to handle a 1000 kg/2200 lbs load. I just nodded and replied that I preferred the “bench bar” as the knurling on it is decent and provide a better grip. His response: Why don’t you use gloves like everyone else? WTF!! I had to take a deep breath before replying: Nah, chalk seems to work for me, thanks for the advice though. While walking away I thought: Why the fuck did I extend my membership for three more months?

    I need to start my own gym, just waiting for the next Mopeility seminar so I can get an affiliation certificate. Hey Bernt, how to apply? What should I wear?

    Happy new year guys!

    • Shido January 2, 2013 / 9:48 pm

      I had a okay interaction I guess. One of my buddy from highschool messaged me hey bro do you still workout? Looks like you put on a lot of weight (he is calling me fat im used to it because I gained a lot of weight from my time off) anyways he asked me to workout with him at the gym he goes to because he has a 3 month free membership card and I was like might as well. I walked in and the girl at the counter smiled at me I attempted a little hand wave but it looked like i was flaling. She said do you want me to show you the gym? I said no I would figure it out thanks. Pretty much didn’t want to have any interactions today had a pretty terrible new years eve good way to start off the year I guess. She came in while I was squatting hi again! chirp cheery voice. Oh hello I’m sorry can you move out of the way I need to grab that plate.
      No more interaction from there so I finished my workout and left the gym.

  4. Joe December 31, 2012 / 10:52 am

    He’s not the same broseph.

  5. beonick December 31, 2012 / 1:48 pm

    Benqueesha, what is that stain on your sweatpants?

  6. Broseph December 31, 2012 / 2:32 pm

    I don’t like the 70s Big site.
    Never have.
    Justin seems like that wacky highschool teacher everyone loves.
    I have no interest in trolling someone so positive.
    Nothing personal against him.

    • beonick December 31, 2012 / 2:49 pm

      What DO you like, Broseph?

      • Broseph December 31, 2012 / 5:29 pm

        Not a whole lot, to be perfectly honest.

        Also, to answer Brent’s question in his post:
        No, I’m not the Broseph that posts on 70s Big.
        I was going to address that a few weeks ago, but forgot.

  7. lol December 31, 2012 / 6:36 pm

    How do you feel about the sudden influx of people at the gym on Jan 1, Bront?

  8. newgetelqueso December 31, 2012 / 6:44 pm

    Normally people in the gym leave me alone, which I appreciate. The only people who seem to start up conversations with me are crossfitters. They see me squatting and pressing and are like, “hey I do this thing called crossfit you should try it.” Then I have to explain to them that I did cf for 2 years and then moved on to other things, and of course they’re completely shocked that I stopped doing the flawless “strength and conditioning program” that is crossfit.

    • hsilman December 31, 2012 / 8:24 pm

      The important thing is you’ve managed to feel superior to them

      • nobodystopsdblob December 31, 2012 / 9:56 pm

        Isn’t that why we go to the gym in the first place? Since I pretty much know I am a hollow piece of shit I have to go to the gym and lift more weight than the middle ager looking for a pump or the ladies in the classes who just want to have fun and socialize. I can’t even bring myself to compete openly against somebody who knows it is a competition like at a meet or something. I just want to feel superior to people in ways they could give a shit about.

    • burningbeard January 2, 2013 / 12:04 pm

      I’ve had the, “Do you do Crossfit” conversation several times. When I used to answer that I compete in powerlifting, people would go, “Oh that thing where you flip cars over.” Now when I answer that I compete in strongman, people give me a blank stare, and then I say, “that thing where you flip cars over.” Anymore I just say that I like lifting heavy things like some autistic iron sherpa, and pretend to not even know what Crossfit is despite reading about things related to it online almost daily since 2005.

  9. emancipatedfreak January 1, 2013 / 1:27 am

    Every office has a “fit guy.” And I knew that I was going to run into one when I looked at the vanity plates on the silver Ford Mustang. “Who the FUCK is Glutes?” I shouted, sneering and spitting at the vehicle.

    I spotted Glutes within seconds of stepping inside the gym; he had his sweatpants around his ankles, and was rolling up his underpants to get a better look at his quads. I could barely contain my laughter. Cruel thoughts began to race through my mind: “He doesn’t even squat! The only reason he’s here on new years eve is because he doesn’t have a party to go to. Probably got ejected from it.”

    That’s when it hit me, I don’t have a party to go to, and he benches more than me. He’s better than me. He probably has his shitty coworkers ask him for “fitness” advice because he’s got big arms. I’m just the fat guy who sneaked into the weightroom.


  10. DC January 1, 2013 / 3:24 am

    Yo Blent, don’t worry about “broseph”… he seems insignifi-cunt… anywhoo I felt this here MWOD: Today’s MopeWOD: be hated by someone for the mere fact that you exist…
    This is my everyday life. Not the one where you guys hate yourselves necesarilly but more that people hate me so badly… add to the fact that I have a neat little case of anxiety and depression. It’s neither here nor there though because people in other places actually like me (I met you at the AO and scared you somewhat walking by yourself and then ran into you in the warm-up area where you wistfully longed for a “strict curl harness”… seemed to actually give a shit for a few) and I mau or may not have a slight drinking problem. Either way I can outlift most people and not sure what to think of things… tell Broseph to go blowjob a tailpipe? Continue on as I am because I consistently teeter on the verge of socially awkward/ awesomeness or really go down the rabbit hole and become a Townes Van Zandt like artist and fucking kill myself in yummy booze? I think I know but feedback would be great.

    • Broseph January 2, 2013 / 8:58 pm

      Is English your first language?

      • DC January 2, 2013 / 10:37 pm

        Good one

  11. Penn January 1, 2013 / 9:43 am

    Is there room for an official mopeilitywod meme guy? You know, for those of us who aren’t gifted in constructing narrative and need every form of comedy reduced to short quips.

    It would be kind of a spin on “crying bitch with 1st world problem.” The mopey lifter suffers the unique problems that come from lifting weights but none of the benefits: Can’t roll up sleeves on shirt because forearms are too big, can only wear compression shorts as underwear because of thigh size and chaffing. But on the other hand he nevet gets laid because of his physique nor can he intimidate anyone with his size.

  12. Bowdozer January 1, 2013 / 7:19 pm

    When you don’t update on your usual days part of me fears you are hanging off a squat rack trying out a new mope wod where you “release” your mortal coil. Happy new year brah.

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